Saturday, June 9, 2012

Second Street Hawker Center in Sungai Petani

Everyone who stays in Sungai Petani should know this place. I don't the know official name for this place because I can't find any. In fact, I think it doesn't have any.  Local people here just mentions this place as "Second Street". Probably it means the second street of the Sungai Petani town. Some also called this place "Nice Food Street". I also heard being called as Pengkalan Street Hawker center. Maybe that is the official name?

Food/Drink - 6.5/10

I'm not a big fan of this place as most food and drinks are normal. Good thing is you can find almost all kind of food here includes poh piah, fried keow teow, keow teow soup, laksa, ice kacang, curry mee,  clay-pot chicken rice and a lo more.

Environment - 7/10

Quite a clean place, I have no complaints or any concern on the environment here. It is like a typical hawker stall in Malaysia.

Price - 8/10

Price is cheap. In fact, cheaper than most food that you can find in Penang. :)

Overall - 6.5/10

Depends on your expectation, as I said it is just a normal hawker center. If you're not local in people in Sungai Petani and would like to try new thing, you may try this hawker center. There are other must try food in Sungai Petani and I will blog about that later. :)

Location Information

Jalan Bank,
Sungai Petani 08000
Kedah, Malaysia

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It is located in the city area, very near HSBC bank and this hawker center is opposite of the Sungai Petani imigration office. When you turn into "Jalan Bank", you can start to look for parking spot. If you can't find any parking spot, you may go to another street - Jalan Padang looking for more parking spot.

Business Hours
12 pm - 9 am (Estimation as I don't know the exact hour)

GPS Location
North 05 degree 38' 540''
East 100 degree 29' 287"


Obat Asam Urat said...

tempat yang menarik....

ChampDog said...

Yes, not that bad. :)

Daruma said...

This indeed is called "Second Street" or the "Foodie Street" ("贪吃街"in Chinese). It has its glory days back in the 70s and 80s when Sungei Petani was a much smaller city where the city's life evolved around the three main streets - Big Street, Second Street and Third Street. This place used to be packed with people in the evening and food quality was also much better then. The steady outspread of Sungei Petani had made many Taman to start having their own eating places and caused the vendors to lose competition and business. Many of the vendors now choose to sell only in the morning and lunch hours instead of the evening,

There are still a few stalls that left behind have continued to keep up with their previous fame and quality, the Lobak for instant. To me, still one of the best Lobak I have tried (traveling from North to South in Malaysia). Definitely better than Penang for sure! :-)

ChampDog said...

Yes 贪吃街 and now I remember. I think I tried the lobak before but forget how the taste already maybe I'm not the fan of lobak. :D I usually come here to eat their laksa.