Saturday, July 14, 2012

Most Famous Chinese Seafood in Sungai Petani - Tai Kar Restaurant

Tai Kar restaurant is the most famous Chinese seafood restaurant in Sungai Petani. However, it is hard to find this place. In fact, you can't find the "Tai Kar" because it is within the "Restaurant SP". You need to search for the "Restaurant SP" first!

Food - 7/10

Food is not that bad but I guess that is the best in Chinese seafood that you can find in Sungai Petani. The price is reasonable too.

The one on the left is called "Deep Fried Tafu Kerabu" and it is very unique. You can it this a try.

This is very special dish too - Tian Ji (flog) and they cook this with "Chicken Essence" which is kind of unique. However, the meat is not fresh so it doesn't really taste that good. When cooking "Tian Ji" (flog), the flog must be alive rather than frozen, then it only tastes good.

This is pissing prawn but cook like this with egg is not nice although it is special. :D I suggest you to order different kind of cooking style either just plain steam or baked.

Location Information

Jalan Zamrud 2,
Taman Sinar Intan,
08000 Sungai Petani,
Kedah, Malaysia.

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Business Hours
After 6 pm (for dinner) 
GPS Location
North 5° 38' 28.34"
East 100° 28' 6.49"

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