Monday, June 11, 2012

Famous Laksa in Sungai Petani - Kuan Ah Kedai Kopi

Local people in Sungai Petani always tell me this is the most famous laksa in Sungai Petani. After I tried it, I think it is just normal. Of course, I will still think the Penang Laksa is better.  However, the taste here is a little bit different. You can give it a try.  This shop is very near to the Second Street Hawker Center.

Food - 6.5/10

I know my friend sure screws me but honestly that is is based on my taste. I do not really enjoy very much on this laksa. Some homemade laksa in Sungai Petani is actually better than this. What I don't like about it is I can't see the fish shape. I know some people like this kind of laksa but for me, I prefer can see the fish meat.

Price - 9/10

Yes, most price here is very cheap. I order laksa with vegetable (means without the laksa's noodle), it costs me only RM 2. How can that be so cheap?

Overall - 7/10

I can't complaint much with such a cheap price. Worth it a try and see if you agree with me. It is still a famous laksa in Sungai Petani. Everyone from Sungai Petani sure knows about this shop.

Location Information

Jalan Pengkalan,
Sungai Petani 08000
Kedah, Malaysia

This place is very near to the Second Street Hawker Center. If you drive, I recommend you to park your car either in Jalan Bank or Jalan Padang and just walk it over. Opposite the immigration office, there is a street which is not drawn in the map. I think this street is the "Second Street". You can just use this street to walk through to Jalan Pengkalan from Jalan Bank.

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Business Hours
12 pm - 9 am (Estimation as I don't know the exact hour)

GPS Location
North 5° 38' 29.4"
East 100° 29' 16.9"

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