Friday, May 3, 2013

Best Indonesian Food at Malang - Inggil Rumah Makan

I visited East Java, Indonesia last month to climb 2 famous live volcano (i.e. Bromo and  Kawah Ijen) and if you ask me the best Indonesian food that I have tried is this "Inggil Rumah Makan" restaurant which is located at Malang.

FYI - Malang is the second large city after Surabaya in East Java province, Indonesia.

So if you have chance to visit Bromo, probably you can stop by this Malang city as well to try this best Indonesian food. :)

The spelling is similar to Malay but is different and you can still understand. Boeka instead of Buka. :) It means "Open" - business hours.

Environment - 8/10

Environment here is good and it is in fact a museum restaurant where you can find a lot of antiques stuff here.

Food - 8.5/10

The most delicious food here are Sambal and grilled chicken. The grilled chicken is the best chicken that I have tried in my entire life! lol I would rate it 9/10.

Same to the Sambal source here, there are many kind of Sambal and if you have chance to come to this restaurant again, you should try all of them.

These stuff are eat together with Sambal. It is called "ulam", kind of like salad.

This is Sambal. Sambal is homemade chili based source which are very popular in Asia. The white color one is raw mango slides.

Sorry, this is half-way eating, I forget to take the picture when it is served because we order another Sambal after finish the above one. :) This Sambal is a very spicy and hot as compared to above one.

Grilled fish is okay but normal in my opinion. Perhaps just 7/10.

This is called "Petai", every Malaysian knows this too. In English, it is called "Parkia speciosa". :) They don't really cook it here, but I prefer the cooked version.

Some menu that I took for your reference here:

Drink - 7/10

A lot of restaurants here serve Ginger drink and there are many kind of ginger drinks which make it unique. You seldom find it else where. The only I not so like about this drink is, some of it are just too sweet. So you need to probably ask them to put less sugar, then this drink will be perfect!

Price - 9/10

Price is cheap here and probably this is due to currency conversion. A high-class place to eat here for 2 person will not be more than RM 70.

Overall - 8.5/10

You must try this out if you ever come to Malang. 2 must try food is those Sambal and grilled chicken.

By the way, at Malang, you can try to eat the fresh apple too directly from the farm. There is an apple picking trip that allow you to eat as many as you can in the farm.  So don't just visit this restaurant, go for this apple picking trip too which I find it very fun!

Location Information

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JL. Gajah Mada 4,
65119 Indonesia

Business Hours
10 am - 11 pm

GPS Location
-7° 52' 12.41", +112° 31' 29.67"