Sunday, June 3, 2012

About Double Food

Initially I was thinking to start a travel blog but it turned out that I enjoyed food most of time while I was traveling. So I just decided to blog all the food that I have come across.

All reviews and ratings in my blog are solely my personal views and experiences. Most importantly, it is an independent reviews which means I will be completely honest about the food that I have tried. If the food is bad, I will say bad and otherwise. Since it is subjective to my personal views, I could be wrong or right. So, it is really intended for informational purposes but if you have any disagreements or agreements on my reviews, feel free to comment on the post directly so that I hear your feedback.

Abalone that I have tried during my China trip. :):):)

Ultimately, I want this blog to be best food resources in the world. Yes, ultimately. lol! :) I hope you will enjoy your stay here!

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