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Kayu Bukit Jambul - Nasi Kandar Penang

I learned about Nasi Kandar while I was studying in Johor Bahru and it turned out the origin is from Penang, I guess so. :) Nasi kandar is served with rice or nasi briyani and you can choose the dishes that you want. They could be cow (lembu or daging in Malay), lamb (lambing in Malay), prawn, crab, vegetables and so on.

I love to eat Nasi Kandar but not many good restaurants out there are tasty. Kayu is my first choice. Sometimes I just lazy to queue because too many people. I often went to the other Nasi Kandar restaurants nearby and it always ended up with disappointment because other Nasi Kandar restaurants are not nice at all! You can clearly tell the difference!

Here you go my food review on Kayu Bukit Jambul:

Food (Nasi Kandar) - 8/10

The best food selling in this shop is Nasi Kandar. It basically a must eat food. If you come here and do not eat this, basically you're wasting your time. Try that! At the end of choosing the dishes that you want, they will ask you whether you want any special curry. I usually just tell them "campur" which means mixed curry. You can just tell them "mixed", they should able to understand you.

Other food such as fried noodle ("mee"), fried rice and "roti" are usual. Is it nice? Okay, probably  I will just give them between 6 and 7 out of 10.

[Update: 13 June 2012]
I change my mind on the fried noodle rating, it is really suck. It should be just 3/10 and not 6/10. Check it out here: Fried Mee in Kayu Bukit Jambul is Really Suck!

Drink - 6/10

Drink is normal and nothing special. It is always too sweet when you go to any mamak restaurant. "Mamak" is the local name refers to Indian Muslim in case you do not now the meaning. Another special drink in any Indian restaurant is the Lassi. I often order Mango Lassi but the drink is just too sweet for me. Honestly, drink is really not a big deal here.

Service - 7/10

Service is not that bad. It is probably they hire a lot of workers and you can just call them to order your stuff. They're pretty helpful. You can also pay your bill without going to the counter - just pay to the waitress there. The only not so good is sometimes the queue could be very long!

Environment - 6/10

Environment is normal - inside the shop, there is air conditional and outside is usually for those who want to smoke but if you sit outside, try to sit as far as from the car workshop which is beside the restaurant. It is not recommended to sit near to that car workshop especially during working hour. The smell of the workshop is extremely suck!

Price - 6/10

Price is a little bit expensive as compared to other mamak restaurants but if you enjoy eating Nasi Kandar, I guess that's the price that you need to pay.

Overall - 7/10

Must try food if you have ever tried "Nasi Kandar". :)

P/S: If you like to go there, you can find out the following information. Enjoy!

Location Information


Original Kayu Nasi Kandar – Penang
No. 15, Lebuh Nipah, Bukit Jambul,
11900 Bayan Lepas,
Pulau Pinang.
Tel: (04) 6464767
Fax: (04) 6462767

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Business Hours
24 hours

GPS Location
North 05 degree 20' 207"
East 100 degree 17' 581"

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