Monday, December 24, 2012

Best and Unique Tom Yum Noodle Soup in Penang

This kind of Tom Yum you can only get it in Penang and not other places. I will say this is one of the must try food in Penang. First impression, it doesn't smell good. It smells like a pee indeed  :) But after you get used to it, it is really tasty and spicy. If you enjoy spicy food, this is for you! If it is not hot enough, you can add more chilies which you can get it directly from the stall.

Food/Overall - 8/10

It is a hawker food style. There are only 2 places that you can get this type of Tom Yum which I find the best in Penang. First one is the Food Court at Sunshine Square and second one is the Sunshine Market which is also very nearby, the other side of Jalan Mayang Pasir (see map below).

These 2 owners are brothers. You can order pork meat or fish meat or mixed pork and fish meats. I usually order the mix one. Yummy!

Location Information

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Sunshine Square Food Court (First Floor),
1 Jalan Mayang Pasir,
11950 Bayan Lepas

Business Hours
11 am - 8 pm
Open daily

GPS Location
+5° 19' 33.14"
+100° 17' 14.74"

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Very Bad Food at Starview Restaurant at New World Park Penang

I was asking around and was told that Starview Restaurant is one of the top high-class Chinese restaurants especially if you want to have celebrate something big but it was a disappointment when I went there few weeks ago for my parents birthday celebration/ Thus, I do not understand why it is so famous? It is probably my problem or I ordered the wrong dishes.

Food / Price - 4/10

Food here is really suck and it doesn't not reflect to high-class or high-end Chinese restaurant. In my opinion, normal Chinese hawker store is a lot more better than this.

By the way, I find that the food picture cannot really reflects to how delicious of the food is. For example, these food pictures look pretty good also right? But it tastes really not good. E.g.: the soup above has very plain taste...

Tasteless fish head soup...

Normal fried noodle at the end and not taste very good too...

I think this small dish is the best dish and special among the rest but it is not a main dish. If memory serves me right, it is used for eat together with the fish head soup.

Again as I said, I may probably ordered the wrong dishes and I really do not enjoy the food here. Given the poor food quality there, the price is unreasonable. It is not worth it!

Environment - 7/10

Environment is okay like many other restaurants but if the food is not nice, let's don't talk about it.

Overall - 4/10

I will not recommend to come here or having any celebration here although it is famous. :)

Location Information

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102-B-1, No. 102,
Jalan Burma,
New World Park, 1
0050, Georgetown,
Penang, Malaysia

Tel: +604-2265213

Bussiness Hours
11.30am – 2.30pm
6.00pm – 10.00pm
Open daily

GPS Location
+5° 25' 13.74"
+100° 19' 37.19"
Note: Or you can just search for "New World Park" in your GPS

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Famous Curry Noodle at Taman Free School Penang

One of my favorite curry noodle is at Taman Free School, Penang. You can give it a try if you're looking for curry noodle around the Penang island.

Food / Environment / Price / Overall - 7/10

Environment is okay, not very dirty and basically it is usual penang food court which consists many variety of Penang food. Curry noodle is famous among the local.

By the way, the curry doesn't look that nice as it tastes!!!

Another famous food is called "PoPiah"  which I find it so so only but a lot of people like it. You can also give it a try!

Location Information

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Medan Selera Taman Free School,
Taman Free School 10460
Penang, Malaysia
Business Hours
Lunch & Dinner

GPS Location
+5° 24' 10.83"
+100° 18' 34.32"

Friday, October 12, 2012

Daorae BBQ Korean Restaurant in Bayan Baru Penang

Daorae is one of my favorite Korean restaurant in Penang especially at Bayan Baru area. You can't find any other better Korean restaurants at this area. When I very miss Korean food, I will come to this place.

Food / Environment / Overall - 8/10

People say it is expensive here and I think it is normal here. Can you get a very nice and also cheap Korean food in Malaysia? It is unlikely also right.

If there is really a money concern, you can order one dish only like what I did that day and they will give you a lot of side dishes. You can request more for those side dishes which is come with free. :) So it is not that expensive, if you really want to save!

The BBQ is not bad too, it is just that I don't order at that time. I will post more food photos when I come here again.

Location Information

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Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant
15-2-G, 2-1 & 2-2,
Bayan Point,
Medan Kg. Relau.
11900 Penang

Tel number: +604 640 2616

Business Hours
11.30am-3.00pm (Lunch)
6.00pm-11.00pm (Dinner)
Open daily

GPS Location
+5° 19' 57.72"
+100° 17' 41.12"

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bravo Italiana Food in Bayan Baru Penang

I think this restaurant used to be nice but somehow when I went there few weeks ago, the food is not up to the standard. Perhaps due to they're also lacking of workers as you can see from the picture below.

Food - 6/10

Soup of the day is not bad but that is too normal. Steak is also nothing special and spaghetti is overcooked and dessert is also so so. Anyway, I"m not enjoying the food here.

Environment - 7/10

Environment is probably can be considered good and romantic. But if the food is not good, let's don't talk about the environment.

Overall I will rate 6/10, I do not recommend to have dinner or lunch here. It is kind of wasting money because home cook could be better than it.

Location Information

Complex I-Avenue
Medan Kampung Relau 1,
Bayan Baru,
11900 Bayan Lepas,

Tel Number: +604-6410499

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Business Hours
Lunch and Dinner.

GPS Location
North +5° 19' 57.80"
East +100° 17' 35.53"

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Famous Oyster Noodle in Penang - Sin Lean Heang

If you like to eat oyster, you MUST TRY this oyster noodle in Penang which is located at Lintang Macallum 2. The restaurant is beneath an apartment at ground floor. There are 2 restaurants there, the one on your right is the famous one - Sin Lean Heang and the one not so famous one is on your left.

By the way, the one not so famous has no name as shown below. However, they offer very similar dishes and the quality is about the same too. Due to too many people at Sin Lean Heang, I sometimes just prefer to come to this shop as the serving is pretty quick and you do not need to wait.

Food - 8.5/10

I very enjoy the food here and there are 2 dishes that you must try. The first is is the oyster noodle.

The second one is "Meat Soup", you can either order the fish meat or pork meat but I find that the pork meat is better. This kind of soup, you can't find anywhere else and very unique.

When you eat these two dishes, you can try to put it some "Black Vinegar". I like to eat with this way but some people don't like it. But let's give it a try, if you haven't tried before.

The rest of the food here is pretty common which I think you can easily find in a normal Chinese restaurants.

I like to eat garlic, that's why I purposely request this! lol!

Location Information

Sin Lean Heang,
Lintang Macallum 2,
10300 Penang.

Tel No: 04-2626954

View Sin Lean Heang (Famous Oyster Noodle) in a larger map

Business Hours
12:30 pm - 4 pm (Better go early around 12 pm to avoid waiting for too long)

GPS Location
North +5° 24' 14.91"
East +100° 20' 0.58"

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Duck Porridge at Kampung Jawa - Wahong Cafe

Kampung Jawa is famous with Char Kway Teow but I also find this Duck porridge very unique.

Food - 7/10

Not really like extremely nice but not that bad. Sometimes I just order it when I miss "duck" a lot. Hope you have chance to give it a try too. Oh by the way, it says from Beijing, I guess it doesn't mean to be. :)

Location Information

Some location with: Char Kway Teow at Kampung Jawa

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Famous But Sucks Satay Celup in Melacca - Capitol Satay

"Satay Celup" is one of the unique food that you MUST try if you have a chance to visit Melacca. No idea what is "Satay Celup", check it out from wikipedia here. Local people call this "Satay Celup" as Satay "Lok Lok".

I asked around the local there, they told me "Restaurant Capitol Satay" is the most famous and oldest restaurant for "Satay Celup". So I just give it a try but ends up a disappointment. As happen to some places, famous stuff is not necessary the nicest thing.

Food - 6/10

Yes, very special but really not that delicious. The unique thing is really the satay source. The worst thing is you need to wait for 2 hours+ for such so so food, it is really not worth it in my opinion. But on the other hand, we also need to try it out right or else your whole life has never tried it before? Okay, just try to go there maybe even before 4.30 pm maybe you don't need to wait for too long.

Not enjoying the food, that's why forgot to take the rest of the photos especially on the famous satay source. I only have one photo below but when you Google it, you shall see a lot. To me, the satay source is also so so.


Sorry it is no to me, I do not recommend. There are others better food that you can find in Melacca. I suggest you target those food first rather than "Satay Celup" unless you have already tried the rest and have extra time.

Location Information

Restaurant Capitol Satay,
41, Lorong Bukit Cina,
75100 Melaka, Malaysia.

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Business Hours
5 pm - 1 am

GPS Location
North +2° 11' 43.73"
East +102° 15' 9.07"

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Best Char Kway Teow in Penang - Kampung Jawa

I think this is the best Char Kway Teow in Penang, which is located in Kampung Jawa. Although the most famous one of course is at "Lorong Selamat" but I find it sucks and expensive. Somehow it is no longer as good as it used to be. So, the fried Kway Teow at "Lorong Selamat" definitely not worth it and some more you could wait for hours.

The coffee shop name is called "WaHong Cafe" which is located at "Solok Kampung Jawa 6" as shown in above picture. It opens pretty early, I think even before 6 am. So every time when I have very early morning meeting, I come here for breakfast. It opens until noon too for lunch.

Food (Char Kway Teow) -  8/10 

It comes with 2 big prawns but the taste of the prawns is better than the one in lorong selamat fried kway teow and it also cheaper in terms of the price. One very unique about this Char Kway Teow is, when the serving comes, it is like one kind one. The kway teow is only half or sometime just one quarter of the plate as shown in the picture below. I like to call this "k ying" (Cantonse slang refes to odd looking shape) char kway teow.

Drink - 7/10

The drink is not bad, better than a lot of coffee shop in Penang. As usual, I enjoy my "Teh Si" very much.


I can only say "Must try Char Kway Teow" if you come to Penang. :)

Location Information

WaHong Cafe,
Lorong Kg Jawa,
Bayan Baru,
Penang 11900, Malaysia.

View WaHong Cafe at Kampung Jawa in a larger map

Business Hours
6 am - 3 pm

GPS Location
North +5° 19' 39.17"
East  +100° 17' 40.34"

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Eat Village Egg in Sungai Petani - Homemade Breakfast

In Sungai Petani, there are lot of homemade food especially for breakfast. I just found this special because it offers half-boil "Village Egg" which I don't know where can find it now except in my hometown Sabah.

Village egg means those eggs are taken from the chicken which raised at open space (not in the cage) and this is usually at village. That's why they call it village egg. :) In Malay, it is called "Kampung" egg which is what the locals call it. In English, it is called "free-range" egg.

Food/Price - 7/10

Village egg is really nice, it really tastes slightly different from those you can buy in grocery store and I believe it is healthy too because no hormone injection? They sell toast too but okay only, not very special as compared to village egg.

They also sell other stuff like dried Noodle and dried Kway Teow. I think the taste is so so only. Maybe just 6/10. :) A good place for simple breakfast in Sungai Petani..

For drink, somehow in Sungai Petani, all are very bad. So, just order if you're thirsty.

Location Information

Lorong 31 crosses with Jalan Taman Petani Jaya (See the map)
08000 Sungai Petani,
Kedah, Malaysia.

View Village Egg (Breakfast) in Sungai Petani in a larger map

Business Hours
8 am - 11 am

GPS Location
North +5° 37' 43.10"
East +100° 29' 8.59"

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Best Wantan Mee in Sungai Petani - Seng Huat Kedai Kopi

Best wantan mee in Sungai Petani is is located at Jalan Bakar Arang and the coffee shop name is Seng Huat. The owner of this wantan mee is called "Ah Niu" - translate to English is "ah cow". :)

A very special and unique thing about this wantan mee is you need to take the number after you make your order and this number will be repeated after it runs over. They have a lot of customers and usually you can wait more than 1 hour. This is the the thing that I don't like here. So to avoid waiting for more than 1 hour, I recommend you to go there before 8 am. :)

Food/Price - 8/10

If compare to the wantan mee in Penang at new cathay cafe, the wantan mee here is less oily but overall I think both are very good. It is just different style. I like both of them. The price is cheap like normal coffee shop that you can find it Sungai Petani.


Drink - 5/10

Drink is suck here. If you not believe, try it out.

Environment/Service - 7/10

Not sure if they can do anything to cook faster because famous and nice wantan mee usually takes longer time to cook? lol

Overall - 7.5/10

I like to come here usually during weekend. Must try if you haven't tried wantan mee in Sungai Petani!

Location Information

Jalan Bakar Arang (At Taman Petani Jaya Li junction)
08000 Sungai Petani,
Kedah, Malaysia

View Kedai Kopi Seng Huat in Sungai Petani in a larger map

Business Hours
7 am - 11 am (Try to go early - before 8 am to avoid waiting for long)

GPS Location
North 5° 37' 39"
East 100° 28' 48"

Friday, August 3, 2012

Best Fish Head Mee Hoon Soup in Penang - Joo Leong Cafe

I'm not sure why I used to call this place fish head "Mee Hoon", perhaps the more accurate should be the seafood Mee Hoon/noodle or porridge. But not exactly seafood too because the most delicious food that I like here is the "Tian Ji"(田鸡) or frog. In fact, frog and "Tian Ji" is not the same. "Tian Ji" is one kind of  frogs that lives in paddy field. It looks very ugly in the skins (very rough and not smooth) where else frog's skin is very smooth.

At night, it is mee hoon, noodle soup and porridge. In the morning, the breakfast is very famous too, served with half boiled eggs and famous toasted bread! You still can order boiled eggs and toasted bread at night but for the mee hoon soup, it is only available for dinner.

Food - 9/10

I honestly very enjoy the food here. 2 food that you must try here, the mee hoon soup and the toasted bread. For mee hoon, noodle soup and porridge, you can choose what you want as below.

It serves other stuff too in the morning such as "Nasi Lemak", fried mee hoon/noodle but there are just so so. If you're really want to try more, just try out the half boiled egg which is very famous here. At night, other food that you may find here are "Satay" and salted chicken but those food are just normal.

Price - 5/10

It is very expensive in my opinion. One meal can cost you more than RM10 depends on what you order, it could be even more expensive. I've no idea why some reviews said the price here is reasonable. I don't really agree with that. But if you don't mind $$$, go for it!

Overall - 8/10

Highly recommend to have your dinner and breakfast here if you drop by Penang!

Location Information

Joo Leong Coffe Cafe 1
79-H, Sungei Tiram,
Bayan Lepas Penang,
West Malaysia.

View Joo Leong Cafe in Penang (Bayan Lepas) in a larger map

Business Hours
6.20 am to 11.30 am (Breakfast)
6.00 pm to 11.30 pm (Dinner)
Close on Monday

GPS Location
North 05 degree 18' 4"
East 100 degree 6' 29"