Saturday, January 25, 2014

Aquarium Restaurant - Pineapple Garden

I just feel like want to talk about this unique aquarium restaurant in Penang. It is a pretty innovative restaurant. :) An aquarium inside a TV!!! Have a look...

Food / Overall - 7/10

Not the food are supper good here, but I'm attracted by this unique aquarium. :)

The "balacan" fried chicken, most local people will order this. :)

Curry fish, and sorry, I don't really like it.

This grassy jerry (also known as"cincau") drink is the famous one and you MUST order this.

Location Information

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1,Pesara Mahsuri 5,
SG. Nibong Kecil,
Bayan Lepas,
11900 Penang.

Business Hours
Lunch & Dinner (I assume everyday)

GPS Location
+5° 19' 51.55"
+100° 16' 55.43"