Saturday, August 4, 2012

Best Wantan Mee in Sungai Petani - Seng Huat Kedai Kopi

Best wantan mee in Sungai Petani is is located at Jalan Bakar Arang and the coffee shop name is Seng Huat. The owner of this wantan mee is called "Ah Niu" - translate to English is "ah cow". :)

A very special and unique thing about this wantan mee is you need to take the number after you make your order and this number will be repeated after it runs over. They have a lot of customers and usually you can wait more than 1 hour. This is the the thing that I don't like here. So to avoid waiting for more than 1 hour, I recommend you to go there before 8 am. :)

Food/Price - 8/10

If compare to the wantan mee in Penang at new cathay cafe, the wantan mee here is less oily but overall I think both are very good. It is just different style. I like both of them. The price is cheap like normal coffee shop that you can find it Sungai Petani.


Drink - 5/10

Drink is suck here. If you not believe, try it out.

Environment/Service - 7/10

Not sure if they can do anything to cook faster because famous and nice wantan mee usually takes longer time to cook? lol

Overall - 7.5/10

I like to come here usually during weekend. Must try if you haven't tried wantan mee in Sungai Petani!

Location Information

Jalan Bakar Arang (At Taman Petani Jaya Li junction)
08000 Sungai Petani,
Kedah, Malaysia

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Business Hours
7 am - 11 am (Try to go early - before 8 am to avoid waiting for long)

GPS Location
North 5° 37' 39"
East 100° 28' 48"

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