Friday, April 18, 2014

Best Coffee in Sydney - The Grounds of Alexandria

If you are coffee lover and you have a chance to visit Sydney, the grounds of Alexandria is a must visit for you. The coffee there is the best coffee that I have tried so far in Sydney.

If you don't drive, you can take either bus or train here. But for train, you need to walk for a bit. It is about 1.5 KM.

This is the place you order your coffee. The line up is usually quite long. So you need to be patient. If you can't wait, this place may not be for you.

Coffee - 9/10

Not kidding, it is really good (but for coffee only)!

The other food is suck actually such as this one. I only recommend for having coffee here but not other food.

Environment - 8/10

This is outside of the restaurant, we didn't manage to go inside the restaurant because was too crowded. I think this place is usually very crowded all the time even thought it is not weekend or holiday.

Location Information

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Building 7A/2,
Huntley Street Alexandria,
NSW 2015,

+61 2 9699 2225

Business Hours
7:00 am - 4:00 pm (Monday to Friday)
7:30 am - 4:00 pm (Saturday & Sunday)

GPS Location

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Aquarium Restaurant - Pineapple Garden

I just feel like want to talk about this unique aquarium restaurant in Penang. It is a pretty innovative restaurant. :) An aquarium inside a TV!!! Have a look...

Food / Overall - 7/10

Not the food are supper good here, but I'm attracted by this unique aquarium. :)

The "balacan" fried chicken, most local people will order this. :)

Curry fish, and sorry, I don't really like it.

This grassy jerry (also known as"cincau") drink is the famous one and you MUST order this.

Location Information

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1,Pesara Mahsuri 5,
SG. Nibong Kecil,
Bayan Lepas,
11900 Penang.

Business Hours
Lunch & Dinner (I assume everyday)

GPS Location
+5° 19' 51.55"
+100° 16' 55.43"