Saturday, September 7, 2013

Best Fried Pork Leg in Gurun, Kedah

This is the best fried pork leg that I have tried so far. It is located in Gurun, Kedah. Good thing is not many people know about this place except the locals. Why? Because you don't need to wait for damn long for the food! :)

As you can see from these pictures, the restaurant's name is called "Xong Yuan Seafood" but it is parked in the "Ta Choong" coffee shop. You can look for this coffee shop first as it is easier to be seen.

Food (Fried Pork Leg) - 9/10

They fry it and it is very crispy. I like most about is it's gelatin. Some people call it pork collagen. It is in white color or colorless like a gel kind of thing beneath the pork's skins. You know what I mean?

If they know how to cook, it is very sticky one - really like a gel but for those who doesn't know how to cook, the stickiness is not that strong. Anyway, I love this pork leg very much! If you don't like too much of gelatin/collagen, try pork hand (i.e. the front legs) instead. It has more meat but less gelatin/collagen.

Food (Others) - 7/10

Other foods is like normal food at Chinese restaurant. It is really just normal to me.

Environment - 7/10

Just normal, quite clean :) No air conditioner.

Price - 8.5/10

Price to me is cheap because the food here is very big portion. I usually cannot finish the pork leg and pack it back for the next day homemade porridge cooking. Believe me, try to put the pork legs into your porridge cooking, it is so~~~~~ delicious!

Overall - 8.5/10

Have to give 8.5/10 because the fried pork leg / hand is really very nice! You must try it if you have chance travel to north or maybe on your way to Alor Star.

Location Information

Xong Yuan Seafood,
Taman Suria,
08300 Gurun,
Kedah, Malaysia

Tel: +6016 4869729

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Business Hours
12 PM (Lunch), 7 PM (Dinner)
Close on Monday

Note: Don't go too early for dinner or else you need to wait till 7 PM.

GPS Location
+5° 48' 40.46", +100° 28' 40.58"