Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fried Mee in Kayu Bukit Jambul is Really Suck!

I just highly not recommend you order either fried noodle or fried "maggie" in Kayu Bukit Jambul. It is totally NOT acceptable. I remembered not that nice but I have forgotten it is really very suck! So I ordered it but ended up with dissapointment.

Food (Fried Noodle) - 3/10

My previous post was giving it 6/10 for other meal but I think I change my mind. Yes, should be just 3/10. Please do not order this fried mee, fried noodle or fried maggie from Kayu!

I think we should just order Nasi Kandar at Kayu - order the right thing at the right place! lol!

Location Information
See here: Kayu Bukit Jambul - Nasi Kandar Penang

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