Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Best Char Kway Teow in Penang - Kampung Jawa

I think this is the best Char Kway Teow in Penang, which is located in Kampung Jawa. Although the most famous one of course is at "Lorong Selamat" but I find it sucks and expensive. Somehow it is no longer as good as it used to be. So, the fried Kway Teow at "Lorong Selamat" definitely not worth it and some more you could wait for hours.

The coffee shop name is called "WaHong Cafe" which is located at "Solok Kampung Jawa 6" as shown in above picture. It opens pretty early, I think even before 6 am. So every time when I have very early morning meeting, I come here for breakfast. It opens until noon too for lunch.

Food (Char Kway Teow) -  8/10 

It comes with 2 big prawns but the taste of the prawns is better than the one in lorong selamat fried kway teow and it also cheaper in terms of the price. One very unique about this Char Kway Teow is, when the serving comes, it is like one kind one. The kway teow is only half or sometime just one quarter of the plate as shown in the picture below. I like to call this "k ying" (Cantonse slang refes to odd looking shape) char kway teow.

Drink - 7/10

The drink is not bad, better than a lot of coffee shop in Penang. As usual, I enjoy my "Teh Si" very much.


I can only say "Must try Char Kway Teow" if you come to Penang. :)

Location Information

WaHong Cafe,
Lorong Kg Jawa,
Bayan Baru,
Penang 11900, Malaysia.

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Business Hours
6 am - 3 pm

GPS Location
North +5° 19' 39.17"
East  +100° 17' 40.34"


FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

ah i love char kuey teow. penang one is definitely the best

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ChampDog said...

Yes, Penang and the one at Bukit Mertajam one also not bad, quite famous too. :)

Anonymous said...

chinese char kway teow no matter is in Penang or Nibong Tebal, whatever chinese cooking is the best.
The best tonic herbal soup drink is in Johor kedai makan swee kee, if you going to Nibong Tebal the place call Sungai Bakap the laksa Sungai Bakap and Jawi is the best and Jawi popular food call gu chai kueh near police station and beside clinic also good you can try it. Melaka the best bak kut teh is beef bak kut teh im not remember where the place.

ChampDog said...

Not completely agree because I have tried some very bad Char Kway Teow before. Same to Chinese cooking, some are really bad as well.

Thanks for the recommendations and will definitely check that out if have chance!!! :) You make me hungry ready. lol

Penang One said...

We have brought this famous char koay teow to Bandar Puteri Puchong.

Do come visit us, we bring famous foods from Penang, you don't have to travel 400KM :-)

ChampDog said...

Sure? Same owner? Branch?

Penang One said...

Hi Champdog, have you visit our outlet at Bandar Puteri Puchong yet? We now have another outlet at Kota Damansara :-)

ChampDog said...

Not Yet. :)

Ching Geok Loon said...

Oh now know our secret liao

ChampDog said...

Secret is meant to be shared! lol :)

KB Chan said...


ChampDog said...

WaHong Cafe,Lorong Kg Jawa,Bayan Baru.

Unknown said...

My best CKT. Weekly visit has been my habit in the past 3 years