Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Famous Oyster Noodle in Penang - Sin Lean Heang

If you like to eat oyster, you MUST TRY this oyster noodle in Penang which is located at Lintang Macallum 2. The restaurant is beneath an apartment at ground floor. There are 2 restaurants there, the one on your right is the famous one - Sin Lean Heang and the one not so famous one is on your left.

By the way, the one not so famous has no name as shown below. However, they offer very similar dishes and the quality is about the same too. Due to too many people at Sin Lean Heang, I sometimes just prefer to come to this shop as the serving is pretty quick and you do not need to wait.

Food - 8.5/10

I very enjoy the food here and there are 2 dishes that you must try. The first is is the oyster noodle.

The second one is "Meat Soup", you can either order the fish meat or pork meat but I find that the pork meat is better. This kind of soup, you can't find anywhere else and very unique.

When you eat these two dishes, you can try to put it some "Black Vinegar". I like to eat with this way but some people don't like it. But let's give it a try, if you haven't tried before.

The rest of the food here is pretty common which I think you can easily find in a normal Chinese restaurants.

I like to eat garlic, that's why I purposely request this! lol!

Location Information

Sin Lean Heang,
Lintang Macallum 2,
10300 Penang.

Tel No: 04-2626954

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Business Hours
12:30 pm - 4 pm (Better go early around 12 pm to avoid waiting for too long)

GPS Location
North +5° 24' 14.91"
East +100° 20' 0.58"

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